Genre:Epic/Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Year: 2020

Fer de Lance has a quiet an impressive lineup featuring Collin Wolf from Smoulder and Olórin, MP of speedsters Moros Nyx and Patrick Gloeckle (Moros Nyx, Satan’s Hallow, High Spirits). Still not many will be brave enough to call them a “super group”, but they have a strong group that has marked the underground scene indeed. This is their debut effort. Entitled “Colossus” the four-song EP, in 22 minutes delivers, probably the most epic moments of the year. The acoustic guitar introduction of “City in the Sea” has a taste of a bitter sweet memory and follows by a vocal outburst that shows the band’s intentions. All four songs are well written with great intros as Fer de Lance seems to give heed to the (small and big) details like that. They have put some excellent choirs here and there, while the epic atmosphere dominates their sound, but give the precise space for the excellent guitars to breathe (or the tribal percussion) and the impressive vocal lines to shine. Their rich influences are brilliant filtered and makes as wonder how difficult but also delightful for the listener is when the band can blend adeptly and artfully Ronnie James Dio’s tint with Bathory’s (Hammerheart-era) atmosphere with Cruachan’s folk story telling, Atlantean Kodex’s epicness, and Solstice’s or Scald’s approaching with early Doomsword’s doomy heroic feelings. One of the greatest epic debut EP’s of the last decade…!!!