Genre:Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Hellas
Label:Steel Gallery Records

Heavy / Power Metallers FORBIDDEN SEED return with their third full length: “On Blackest Wing, Shadow of the Crow Pt. I”: A concept album that follows the storyline of “The Crow” movie.

Well I know that this is a really difficult mission. I mean to try and transfer the overall atmosphere of this particular movie on an album, leaving the visual part behind and based just on the music and lyrics. Wait a minute. What if music is capable to generate the whole vision in front of the listener’s eyes? Well this would be a success I guess. And ok let me tell you that this is the case on this particular album, that actually managed to transform in into a world of shadows, leaving me there simply asking for some more as I pressed the play button to repeat the whole album again.

Yes the whole album. Cause this is a record that was created to be heard in its entirely and this has not only to do with the lyrics and the overall concept, it mainly has to do with the music and the overall structure of the album.

Musically the band presents a unique combination of Heavy and Power Metal with symphonic elements, leaving enough space for the heavy sound of today.

I would point ICED EARTH as their main influence and I am of course referring to their second -and most favorite to the most of you, I know this- period that includes the “Burnt Offerings”“Dark Saga” and “Something Wicked this Way Comes” classics. However don’t do the mistake to consider the band as an ICED EARTH clone cause there is a lot more going on the musical realm of FORBIDDEN SEED.

A careful listener will discover a wide range influences from the heavy sound of today, even some extreme Metal touches here and there. An outstanding basis of rhythm guitars developed some really solid, complex and heavy riffs, some great examples of lead guitar melodies plus those symphonic parts that at the end of the day are becoming an important and key feature into the overall band’s sound.

All in all I would consider the great songwriting, and this dark shaded, cinematic atmosphere that is generated through the music as the two top elements that are shaping this concept release.

Guitarist Kosta Vreto (WARDRUM) not only appears as guest in three tracks of the record (one as a full guest), he also arranges all the orchestral and choir parts of the record, together with Sakis Bandis (HORIZON’S END, HAIL SPIRIT NOIR).

The album is produced by Kosta Vreto and the band’s singer and guitarist Constantin Maris -who is also the main composer of the record-, at LittleBig Studio, Thessaloniki, Greece. The production is heavy and clear and I have to say that this is actually the heavier and louder production that the band has achieved.

All in all I can say that this particular album is the best one that the band of Thessaloniki have offered so far. Having heard their two previous albums, I can of course refer to a massive evolution in many parts: the songwriting, the overall performance and the singing. I am happy to notice bands that are taking their work seriously, moving a lot of steps forward from album to album. FORBIDDEN SEED is one of those bands.

The record will be released on Steel Gallery Records, February, 25th. You can pre-order it here. To pre-order a limited combo click here.