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Fu Manchu Announce “The Return Of Tomorrow” Album


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Groundbreaking pioneers of Desert Rock FU MANCHU have announced the details of their forthcoming, 14th album, “The Return Of Tomorrow”, out on June 14th via the band’s label At The Dojo Records.

Commenting on the impending record, founding guitarist and vocalist Scott Hill says: “When I listen to music, it’s either all heavy stuff with no mellow stuff mixed in or just softer stuff with no heavy stuff. I know a lot of bands like to mix it up and we have done that before, but I always tend to listen to all of one type of thing or the other. So, I figured we should do a double record with 7 heavy fuzzy songs on one record and the other record 6 mellow(er) songs fully realizing that maybe I’m the only person that likes to listen to stuff that way. We kept both the records to around 25-30 minutes each as to make it a full length release, but not have each record be too long. We don’t write a lot of mellow(er) stuff in FU MANCHU, but a lot of the riffs worked minus the fuzz. If you’re a vinyl person, both records are pressed at 45rpm to give it the best sound quality. If you’re a digital person, can make your own playlist and mix both the records together.”

Today, the band reveals the album’s artwork, track list and first single, “Hands Of The Zodiac”, a heavy, fuzzed out jam replete with scorching guitar solos meant to be cranked at maximum volume.

Adding about the single, Hill states: “Hands Of The Zodiac” is about an astrologer friend of mine who would always ask if we wanted to know anything about our future whenever we would hangout. He would look to the stars at night and ramble off all these weird predictions, none of which ever came true. He would say ‘zodiac hands’ and face the palm of his hand at you. I would always try to remember the things he said and almost every line in the song is something he said. For example, ‘Wheels / Motion / So Impressed,’ is based on how he talked about my writing songs / practicing / touring with the band ( ‘you got those wheels in motion)’ and FU MANCHU‘s accomplishments (‘so impressed.’) I guess I should have given him a writing credit.”

“The Return Of Tomorrow” tracklisting:

01. “Dehumanize”
02. “Loch Ness Wrecking Machine”
03. “Hands Of The Zodiac”
04. “Haze The Hides”
05. “Roads Of The Lowly”
06. “(Time Is) Pulling You Under”
07. “Destroyin’ Light”
08. “Lifetime Waiting”
09. “Solar Baptized”
10. “What I Need”
11. “The Return Of Tomorrow”
12. “Liquify”
13. “High Tide”

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