Genre: Viking/Pagan/Melodic Black Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Naturmacht Productions
Year: 2020

Finnish Havukruunu (translates to «coniferous crown») returned after 3 years of silence (their previous effort was the marvelous “Kelle surut soi” that was out again via Naturmacht Productions) with the long awaited new album called «Uinuos Syömein Sota» (Languish, thou war of my heart). As the album was out in August most of you knows that the album was indeed another furious heavy black metal masterpiece about inner turmoil and woe and worry of life. We are really happy here in Metal Invader for choosing it as our favorite album (we don’t believe in top lists or best of ones, as we actually picking our editors’ favorites that may be different from what is literally the “best” album of the year), mainly because it comes from a not-so famous band almost “underground”, and because this album gathers so many elements we really love here in our magazine: great songwriting, epic feeling, pagan ideals, frozen atmosphere, well-crafted ideas, characteristic memorability and Bathory-like guitars.

“Uinuos Syömein Sota” is the third record by Havukruunu and it shows a band that moved not only a step further from its previous album but as a matter of fact made a huge leap, if not a skyrocketing, touching inconspicuous artistic peaks. Besides Bathory they may bring you in mind Moonsorrow and early Borknagar, and whoever digs fast solos, tremolo picking, raging blast beats, fiery meloblack riffs, double bass pounding and inflamed folk black parts, along with 80’s passages with tons of epicity, dueling guitars and grandiose atmosphere of Viking/Pagan heritage, will find a great album to invest his/her time and money.

Highlights: all members performance and “Uinuos Syömein Sota” , “Pohjolan tytär”, “Kuin öinen meri”, “Vähiin päivät käy”, and “Tähti-yö ja hevoiset”.