Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: France
Label:Gates of Hell Records

It’s been a long time since I really focused on a French Heavy Metal record, although I must admit that I have actually spent some time on the demo recordings of this band from Brittany. Υou see their “Unis Dans La Gloire” demo from 2015 was recently -2020- released on 7″ vinyl format, so it was a good chance to check it out.

“Le Dernier Rempart” is the band;s debut album and it is recently released through Gates Of Hell Records. Well I caught myself to play the record on an almost endless loop, enjoying a new doze of French Steel.

The main basis on the band’s sound is a quite inspired mix of Heavy and Epic Metal but what really amazes me on their stuff is that they have some Prog touches as well. And what I mean by the term “Prog” in here is basically the adventurous structures of their songs, the tons of extra melodies on their guitars, and this final touch of obscurity that comes into each and every song, basically reminding me very much the overall atmosphere and vibe of the best European Metal record: yeah I am referring to “Irae Melanox” by ADRAMELCH.

It becomes obvious from the first hearing, that there is a lot of classic Metal attached to the compositions, bringing into the foreground the whole tradition of the classic 80s French Steel. But almost each and every riff, theme and part in here is offered to the listener on a pompous and pounding way, so again the word “Epic” is coming into my my mind and no it is not only about the lyrics but mainly for the music.

I would not pick a favorite song from here as I really enjoy the entire album. However I have to point some very important features on the band’s music, features that really sign: The guitars and the vocals.

I have to repeat myself pointing again that the record carries a very special vibe. It is a fantastic release and I recommended it to you if you are searching for a dark |Heavy / Epic Metal record, brought to you under a Prog vibe, following the paths of the glorious French Steel.