Hippie Death Cult – Helichrysum


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Genre: Stoner, Doom, Rock ‘N Roll
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Year: 2023

Hailing from Portland U.S.A. Hippie Death Cult return with their 4th studio album entitled ‘Helichrysum’. “Our upcoming album, titled “Helichrysum,” delves deep into the human experience, exploring the wounds we carry and the transformative power that lies within us. It serves as a culmination of the countless creative and personal choices we have made, leading us to a place of greater harmony within ourselves, with each other, and with our collective intentions. Musically speaking, the new album is a testament to our commitment to delivering a sonic experience that is unapologetically raw, adventurous, heavy, groovy and psychedelic. The choice to name the album after the Helichrysum plant, holds a significance as the plant symbolizes endurance, healing, immortality, and the power to overcome adversity, which mirror many of the themes throughout the record.” 

I believe their own words are really describing 100% their vision as it is printed on their new effort. The psychedelic trip is a triumph of the 70’s vibes, the riff heavy driven sound and the rock ‘n roll groove. Stoner elements, dooms parts, sweet guitars, double drum bass, dizzy rhythms and tremendous female vocals as a witch full of drugs would scream or whisper to your ears are the ingredients that HDC melted and mixed in the giant cauldron in which they “cooked” their beautiful compositions.

There’s a fresh air for the band as the lineup changes gave them an extra boost and the vibrant energy they needed for the new beginning they wanted to start, after the release of 2021’s ‘Circle Of Day’, when Singer Ben Jackson left and bassist Laura Phillips took over vocal duties (while following their European tour, drummer Ryan Moore left and was replaced by Harry Silvers.)

Hippie Death Cult created a remarkable record and set the bar to high even for them. A tight, challenging album with many tempo changes, 7 songs with variety of length and tempo, building mesmerizing atmosphere that delivers a barrage of riffs, high energy, passion, memorable choruses and catchy tunes, captivating the great musicianship and excellent performance of its members.

Highlights : ‘Arise’ , ‘Better Days’, ‘ Nefelibata’, ‘Red Giant’ and ‘Toxic Annihilator’.

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