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Hittman – Destroy All Humans


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Genre: U.S. Power/Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2020

They are not the first ones and they won’t be the last ones either. Hittman return from their grave, ok this sounded too macabre, so let’s better say “return after their almost 3 decades of silence” with a new studio album, entitled “Destroy All Humans”. The album is already out since September 25th, via one of our favorites here in Invader, Hellenic label No Remorse Records. If you don’t remember well let me refresh your memory as it was 27 years ago since the band’s studio release Vivas Machina. Hittman was one of the many bands that followed the melodic path of us power meets prog and was one of the few that won a special place in the hearts of the die hards of the genre. Old school fans know that Hittman’s name was standing proud next to Queensrÿche, Vicious Rumors, Heir Apparent and Crimson Glory. You can blame their excellent debut for their recognition even though “Everything said goodbye to us, everything goes away/ Memory does not stamp his own coin/However, there is something that stays“ as famous poet Jorge Luis Borges reminds us. Same for these Hittman, that everyone seemed to forget and no one seems to have noticed their final album “Vivas Machina” in 1993 , probably because it came after a five years gap, when the genre was already dead. After all it wasn’t a great album as it failed to be a commercial success, despite the fact that their sound was too radio friendly and mainstream. Fast forward to 2020 and the new album “Destroy All Humans”, that features 8 new songs, plus one entitled “No Time To Die” which is available only as a bonus track to the limited edition vinyl release. “Out In The Cold”, “Code Of Honour” are two brilliant compositions that were written back in the 80’s (even before their debut), instead the band doesn’t play the safe card of nostalgia, but actually gives everything they have and all their aces up their sleeves to win back their fans and why not, even gain more new ones too. Most songs have the mojo, are well written and have this combo of memorable choruses, excellent performing, catchy melodies. I really loved “Breathe”, “The Ledge” and “1000 Souls”, yet my personal fav is “Love, The Assassin” (the most Queensrÿche-like moment of the album), while the performance of their singer Dirk Kennedy is a highlight of itself.


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