Holly Moses will release ‘Invisible Queen’ their new album out on April, 14th via Fireflash Records. To commemorate their final work, they invited guest singers to sing their songs in their own style. These are some of their closest friends and others who have a special connection to Holy Moses. Below you can also watch the new video for the song’ Invisible Queen’

01. Downfall Of Mankind (Feat. Marloes Voskuil – HALIPHRON)
02. Cult Of The Machine (Feat. Bobby Ellsworth – Overkill)
03. Order Out Of Chaos (Feat. Diva Satanica – ex-Nervosa / BLOODHUNTER)
04. Invisible Queen (Feat. Ingo Bajonczak – Assassin / Bonded)
05. Alternative Reality (Feat. Tom Angelripper – Sodom)
06. The New Norm (Feat. Chris Staubach – Courageous)
07. Visions In Red (Feat. Rægina – Dæmonesq)
08. Outcasts (Feat. Leif Jensen – Dew Scented)
09. Forces Great And Hidden (Feat. Gerre – TANKARD)
10. Too Far Gone (Feat. Jens Kidman – Meshuggah)
11. Depersonalized (Feat. Daniela Karrer – Headshot)
12. Through The Veils Of Sleep (Feat. Rykers)
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