Good evening gents and welcome to Metal Invader; thanks for having us. Is everybody alright? How did Covid lockdowns and quarantines serve you?

Hails. We are okay, and for the rest we don’t really care. It served me personally really bad, although my lifestyle wasn’t changed at all.

The reason for this interview is to make it easier for our readers to know you better. So, who is Apatheia? Would you like to introduce us to the members?

I’m Vos, guitarist, vocalist and some sort of “main composer”.  We share this band with Herr Mann – bass, vocals and Anůnn – blastbeater.

When was the band formed, whose idea was it and what were your initial goals while forming the band?

The band was formed around half of 2017 year I think. Herr Mann was playing with Anůnn before in the other band, and when we met, he suggested me to form a band, because their former guitarist was fucking around. So I agreed but on my terms, and here we are. I think our main goal is and always will be to put and pull out something out of music.

Are you involved in any other bands or projects?

I have one man project called Absque Cor, which was released by Godz ov War in 2017 I think.

Why did you choose to use the Greek word “Apatheia” as your name? Does its etymology reflect some of your thoughts?

Of course, if it doesn’t why would we use that? We tried to describe the balance between our trio and that was the closest thought that came to our minds.

As a band you have released a full length album straight up; no demos, no EPs… How did you manage to convince Godz Ov War to release it without any prior material?

We treat this album as a demo for ourselves, but I think that there is no point in force some things. We had a lot of songs and we just wanted to put it everything to close that chapter and move on.  Like I said before, I had an one man project before released by Greg, so when I sent him ours band album, he agreed to release it as a debut full length.

Will there be a second album? If so, care to give us a few information about it?

Yes of course, we are working on it for about a year and still couldn’t get it done. This whole virus thing wasn’t helpful either, because we had a little break from playing rehearsals. It will contain quadruple less tracks and like half of the first recording’s duration. Moreover I think it will be a good step forward when we put it together.

What’s your biggest goal for the future? What would you like most to achieve?

To finally record this second album. Really, man.

Any chance for live appearances after this whole covid nightmare ends and everyone is safe?

We are open for invitations as always, but we are now focusing on these songs, so if someone will want us somewhere, than something we can think of, but first the recordings.

Alright, thanks for you time; is there anything you’d like to tell our readers? 

Thanks for questions and your readers for reading. Remember – don’t support fat thief’s labels and bands.