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Interview with Soundtruck


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Welcome to Metal Invader. Tell us more about the band. Introduce yourselves, please.                                                        

Thank you very much for this interview. We are Soundtruck a southern hard rock band from Athens Greece and we were formed in 2008. The band features five people.

Panos Vintzileos – vocals

Vasilis Panagopoulos – guitars

Greg Apostolopoylos – guitars

Dimitris Likakis – Bass

George Kalaitzoglou – Drums

At the beginning of our course we played covers by bands that we like and we toured all over Greece playing live. we had a really amazing time and we think that the people who came to see us had that good time too! After about 2 years playing covers we started to sew our own music and in 2010 we decided to start working more seriously to record our first album. And so it happened, in 2012 we presented our first album to the world on the day we opened the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert in Athens.

From then on, there were some changes in the lineup and after many live shows in Greece and abroad, such as in Italy, the Czech Republic and Poland, we released our second album “voodoo” and the journey continues.

What made you start a band?

What made me start the band is my love for music.

I remember when I was listening to an album or reading a metal rock magazine I felt the need to play music too. But I had to find more people and make a band. All the kids from most bands of our generation knew each other from metal clubs and concerts and we talked a lot about how to make a band or how to write songs and how to become better musicians.  Beautiful and romantic times.

How would you describe your sound?

The sound of soundtruck is based on the sound of the 70s with a modern processing I would say. We really like the sound of AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd as well as other bands of that time. It was a sound based on simplicity and analog studios. In our time technology has made recording much easier and faster. We take advantage of this opportunity and at the same time try to stay close to the feeling of ’70s. I believe that we have achieved this.

Who is responsible for the music and the lyrics, I mean which is the song-writing approaching of Soundtruck?

We all write the music together. The process we follow is for one of us to bring an idea, melody or riff and we sit down and work on it. Of course there are songs that came ready and stayed that way. We are in favor of all working together in the composition because we try many things and we have a more complete view of the final result of the song. I also believe that in this way and especially with the different influences of each member the song acquires a greater interest. It is a pleasant process and with a lot of creativity.

What motivates you and what things are inspiring you?

The greatest motivation is the belief in achieving something you really love! That’s where it all started. Also the goal of the band is to make the people who listen to us have a good time! To get away and drink his beer shaking his head up and down saying “this band makes me have a good time”! We know and have a very good picture of reality and the situation that prevails in the world. Everything is difficult, there are no jobs and people are really struggling to make a living. So what better way than to listen to something and get away from his difficult daily life. So, I think people and everyday life make us try harder to offer positive energy through our songs.

Speaking of inspiration, your lyrics are strong, but how important are to your music?

Thank you very much. Lyrics play an important role in our music but they are not the main thing. I mean, we will not over-analyze the lyrics and we will not write about something imaginary or political or to expose a social problem. As I said above, we are clearly interested in the problems of our society as we live in it, but we want to leave them out of our lyrics and our music in general!

What are you passionate about besides music?

I really like sports. Running is something I do and I enjoy. I also really like making airplane models. It is a hobby that calms me and concentrates me a lot. Of course music plays the most important role in my daily life. I always listen to music and I also like to listen to new releases.

You have just released two LPs, what comes next?

At this period we are preparing the songs of our third album. We are in a strange situation due to the pandemic of covid-19 and since we cannot play live we have given all our energy to write new material. We believe that in 2021 we will have recorded it and will present it to the world!

How important is to have a label that believes in your vision?

It’s really important! Having a company that trusts and supports you helps you on many levels. Initially a very big and difficult project that a band you manage and has to do with the distribution of its records is now undertaken by the company. This is really a huge help. Also depending on the contract that the band signs with each company, the latter undertakes other very important projects such as social media, booking and more ..

Do you think there is a future for bands making old school underground metal in the present day?

Μusic is music! Whether it is old school underground metal or rock or blues or jazz. The issue is how much you believe in your music and fight for it! Certainly the times are changing and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. In music things have changed completely and from vinyl we went to mp3 and from Marshalls to profiling.

I believe that we must evolve together with the society we live in otherwise we are losers.

What happens is that the bands do not like what they do. You need to be honest with yourself and have patience and perseverance. What I hear is that it was always the others’ fault that the band did not succeed. I say that there is clearly a future for everyone who really tries and respects his job. old school underground metal is not only the nails and the leather but also how good you are with your instrument. How professional and ready to take risks.

A small comment about the Hellenic scene.

The Greek scene is incredible! We have so many bands with their own records and they are really worth it. There has been a huge increase in recent years and that is awesome!

After covid-19 mania are there any plans for a tour?

Yes of course! we are waiting for this unpleasant situation to end as soon as possible and to return to the road again. We had planned a European tour that was unfortunately canceled and we hope to make it happen in 2021.

Thank you very much for your time, the closing is yours…

Thank you very much too! We wish the best for everyone and really to start the concerts again because life without music is very empty!

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