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IRON MONKEY announce new album Spleen & Goad out April 5 || Share “Misanthropizer” music video


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UK sludge trio IRON MONKEY return with their highly anticipated new album, Spleen & Goad, out April 5 on Relapse Records.

Watch IRON MONKEY’s official video for their new song “Misanthropizer” on YouTube HERE and listen all streaming services HERE.

Pre-Order Spleen & Goad on LP/CD/Digital via Relapse.com HERE.

On Spleen & Goad, the legendary band are as uncompromising as ever, churning out some of the most gritty sounding sludge doom in their 25 + year history. Dubbed a “doom sludge vanguard” by The Sludgelord, IRON MONKEY live up to their legacy, absolutely pummeling through each of the 9 tracks on their new album.

From the two-ton, heavier-than-anything-else riff opening “Concrete Shock“, IRON MONKEY show no signs of easing up; fuzzed out guitars crash against pulse-pounding drums, set against vicious, misanthropic snarls and barks. Elsewhere, tracks like the aptly titled “Rat Flag” kicks the band into high gear with palpable fury and malaise.

Recorded in their native Nottingham, Spleen & Goad was mastered stateside by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.


1. Misanthropizer
2. Concrete Shock
3. C.S.P.
4. Off Switch
5. Rat Flag
6. Lead Transfusion
7. Exlexed
8. The Gurges
9. O.D. Rose

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