Genre: Heavy/Doom Metal
Country: Scotland
Label: Listenable Records
Year: 2020

King Witch are coming from Edinburgh, Scotland and despite what you might have heard about them and their influences please try not to exaggerate or overstate. Because when you push play and as long as the “Body of Light” record spins, you will be filled with strong emotions and as your memory will get wilder and stronger you will catch yourselves saying things that probably aren’t real, but you will have said and damn believe it. Like “this is the greatest voice I have heard” for so many years (please notice not female vocoice) or “the best doom of the decade”. Well 70’s influences blended with Sabbath’s legacy and Doom metal of the 80’s is something not innovating anymore, as common as mixing N.W.O.B.H.M. guitars with dark ethereal women vocals and psychedelic melodies. But when you do it right, this thing really works and makes most metalheads happy and brings a kind of euphoria in their gloomy souls. Yes all you maniacs of Zeppelin, Sabbath, 80’s Swedish Metal scene, Angel Witch or Hellenic well-kept secret of Doom, Universe217 or even Mastodon and Witch Mountain, you have a new album to buy ASAP, in order to make your record collection (even) richer. This is their sophomore full length and it is out via Listenable Records.