Genre: Epic/Heavy Metal
Country: U.K.
Label: Independent
Year: 2022

Knight’s Oath sophomore EP that follows their debut comes after only 3 months later and it doesn’t escape from its predecessor motif. No one asked for it after all. As I was writing about their first attempt: «Only ten minutes long (now in II almost 14), featuring 3 songs where Cirith Ungol and Warlord meets Wytch Hazel and Ashbury. Twin guitars in the veins of Thin Lizzy/Iron Maiden with catchy made for sing along choruses, excellent musicianship, brilliant melodic solos and an epic atmosphere.» The 3 song EP has this epic touch with the brave riffs and the out of the catacombs vocals that can haunt you with its obscure yet charming nature. Even the artwork cover is similar and it seems that this release works like the second part of a trilogy puzzle that started three months ago and it will end with its third part that will complete the 8-9 song debut of the band. Until then we can enjoy this release proud and loud as it deserves and demand its high quality aesthetic and top notch compositions.