God Damn those 90’s!!!! Everybody praising the 70’s, the vintage warm sound, the analog aura, the vibes, the drugs…hand by hand all those who worship 80’s as it was the era in which Heavy Metal was snowballing, exponential, and nothing seem to stop it…but things turned rather different…but the 90’s are always a period that not so many speak about as something big or great. Bollocks! One of the most experimental eras of extreme sound where boundaries weren’t just extended but in many occasions there were no limits at all! Kyuss was one of these bands that managed to write History when they blended Black Sabbath riffs, wah-wah pedals, pseudo punk attitude, Blue Cheer, Sleep and Cathedral elements, Hawkwind’s rebellious spirit, Garage Rock, Desert Rock atmosphere and grunge in order to create along with other bands that shared the same dream, a new sub-genre, Stoner. Blues for the Red Sun is the second studio album by the American rock band released in 30.06.1992. Well you can’t give birth to something new just by plugging down-tuned guitars into bass amplifiers or filling a ton of distortion to your sound just for the sake of it and expecting to become huge. After all you can make one of the coolest albums of a whole damn generation, be influential to an army of other bands that hear your work and still not become huge…as the sales would be only 39,000 copies…So Blues for the Red Sun was, and still is much more than just a good record. The album received immediately highly acclaim from both fans and critics. It’s slow heady tempo is heavy as fuck, while probably the lyrics can’t follow the overwhelming music (even though its humorous side sounds interesting if not intrigue), truth be told…please hold a small trivia here for lyrics as a number of songs on the album also credit lyrics to John Garcia, but have no discernible lyrics or even vocals. It is possible that the only word written by Garcia is the uttered «yeah» at the very end of the album!

Creepy, fuzzy, trippy, catchy as hell, monstrous, groovy, chaotic, outstanding, hypnotic, monolithic, psychedelic and archetypal are just a few adjectives to be named.

Actually Blues for the Red Sun is 51 minutes long seminal of songwriting, a crescendo of heavy riffs, brilliant hooks, interesting twists and turns, a fine collection of 14 shots and the ultimate soundtrack for a journey through the desert.

And it aged so fucking well as well!!!

Highlights: “Green Machine”, “Thumb”, “Allen’s Wretch”, «Freedom Run» and “50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up)”.

Kyuss circa 1992 were: John Garcia on lead vocals on all tracks except «Mondo Generator» and producer, Josh Homme on guitar and producer, Nick Oliveri on bass, lead vocals on «Mondo Generator» and producer, and finally Brant Bjork on drums, responsible for album concept and producer.