From your favorite lunatic surgeons, straight from the morgue, comes a fresh batch of aural derangement, carved and dissected into palatable slices of musical offal. Despite being quarantined and possibly institutionalized, Sweden’s prime gore-obsessed musical fiends are back with seven songs of deadly debauchery.

Fueled with embalming fluid and a penchant for gore, these new songs will enthrall and entertain those with a leaning to the extreme and bizarre. Bursting with raw old school energy and unpolished production values it evokes the putrid sounds of the early 90’s that is sorely missing in the modern world. Decomposed and recorded during the solitary times of confinement 2020-2021.

Fiercely independently self produced by The Surgery team. Mastered at Mammoth Sound Mastering by nurse Dan Randall. High concept art by Hippograffix.