«Heavy Metal is made of legends. And when it comes to US Metal, we fans have been lucky to see many of these legends emerge from the mists of oblivion through excellent reissues, thus offering a new opportunity for bands to relive their music, but also the chance to share their musical achievements with a new audience. We are very proud to contribute to the return of another heavy metal legend! After a long wait, we will finally have the delight of working with CHILD SAINT on their anthology!

Heavy metal traditionalists, US Metal enthusiasts, loyal vinyl collectors, they’re all well acquainted with CHILD SAINT, and it’s not just because of the rarity of their 1988 EP, or the excellent live performances they delivered. No! This band reminds us, once again, that the best don’t always win in the music business. How far could they have gone? The vicissitudes inherent to life didn’t give us an answer to that question. However, we hope this anthology can bring a glimpse of what might have been.

Officially released on CD for the first time, this anthology will comprise numerous studio songs (mostly unreleased), top quality live songs and live footage of one of the CHILD SAINT’s best performances. An extensive biography will also be included, along with lyrics and photos. A deluxe double vinyl edition will also be made available, with many extras that will make this release totally unmissable!

CD release scheduled to be available in late 2021. Vinyl release scheduled to be available in early 2022.»

More info available soon!