Mercyful Fate played their first show in 23 years in Hannover, Germany. Vocalist King Diamond also debuted two new looks, both evil as hell looking – one wearing what looks like a red suit and a goat head mask, and another all dressed in black with a massive crown. The big news though of course was that the band also performed a new song called «The Jackal Of Salzburg,» which you can hear in a fan-filmed footage below:

  1. «The Oath»
  2. «The Jackal of Salzburg» (Live debut)
  3. «A Corpse Without a Soul»
  4. «Curse of the Pharaohs»
  5. «Evil»
  6. «A Dangerous Meeting»
  7. «Satan’s Fall»

Mercyful Fate is currently King Diamond, guitarists Hank Shermann and Mike Wead, bassist Joey Vera, and drummer Bjarne T. Holm.