Mythosphere – Pathological


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Genre: Progressive Heavy/Doom Metal/Rock
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Release: November 2022

A debut album coming as a blast, at last! “MYTHOSPHERE’’ were founded by Pale Divine guitarist/vocalist Dana Ortt and drummer Darin McCloskey, joined by their bandmate, Ron McGinnis on bass, and none other than former FATES WARNING guitarist, mighty Victor Arduini. A video for “King’s Call To Arms” was already out during summer, as is their full album since 18th of Novermber. Past and present members of Beezlefuzz, Fates Warning and Pale Divine team up and the band marries pure metal with progressive rock elements. “Pathological”  re-ignites the flame of classic, emotional metal with eight songs of depth, introspection and harmony.  Dana Ortt, Darin McCloskey, Ron McGinnis and Victor Arduini known from their doom/epic metal previous works are about to conquer another genre. Their reputation is built upon their recorded work and live prowess, where metal is at its organic best. About Fates Warning guitarist Arduini there is no necessary prologue, as he stays busy with a variety of projects, thus he could not resist to march on to another battle. As he admitted in a recent interview of his “ I get to interpret the songs and come up with my own ideas and sounds. It’s great to see the merging of our two unique playing styles and how it forms something new. I’ve learned that when you do a project on your own, it will only represent your musical approach which is cool for a solo project. But Dana allowed an outside influence and I think we are both very pleased with how this came out. Darin and Ron are both very passionate and committed to the music.” Piece by piece, the members added new layers of depth to a style that blends true, vintage doom with progressive rock before they entered Tiny Castle Recording Studio with engineer Noel Muller (Arthur Rizk of Cavalera Conspiracy, Eternal Champion, Kreator and Sonja fame mastered the album) at Tiny Castle Studio in Towson, Maryland. Arduini tracked at his home studio and delivered his parts to the rest of the band. Regular overlay of acoustic guitars and bounty of striking melodies gives Pathological its trademark.  Ortt’s plaintive vocals and Arduini’s acoustic textures and lead playing are challenging for the listener and provokes strong sentimental  moments. According to Ortt, the “Pathological” title track is about “questioning ourselves and surroundings, to be aware and vigilant when we become devoted to a belief, cause, community to the extreme of the suspension of disbelief and critical thinking — and also to avoid isolation and disconnection.” It intertwines with somber topics that address loss and isolation, but with the intention of good faith, based on improving interactions, understanding and empathy toward others. A legacy background that fulfills lofty expectations — and goes beyond. The members have already promised to continue their creative partnership. “Pathological” is just the first step on what should be a wondrous journey. You got already one fellow traveller. Check it out and maybe you wanna travel too!



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