Naglfar – Harvest

(Century Media)

Total playing time 45:24


NAGLFAR are back with their 5th album entitled “Harvest”. This group has never caught my attention enough for me to count myself as their fan, but after this, who knows? This is by all means not bad, nor is it something groundbreaking… You see, the first thing that strikes one upon the first listen is the simplicity this is all about.

For those of you looking to explore the death/black crossover style I consider this a great start for you. The skill and good production on this cd will keep even the most ardent black metal fan entertained while having enough atmospheres for the Darkthrone fan. Drumming galore fills the rooms with a bombastic blast and the violent guitar motions twist between Mayhem and Dissection in one breath. The evil, «hazy» atmosphere is in place, the darkness is in the very good guitar riffs and the rage of the vocals/drums locks in like an army of Germans crawling over the walls of the enemy!! If you like the first albums of Dissection just buy it..


The limited edition digipak contains a bonus DVD with these clips:

01. Spoken Worlds Of Venom (Live)

02. The Perpetual Horrors (Live)

03. Carnal Scorn & Spiritual Malice (Live)

04. A Swarm Of Plagues (Live)

05. The Perpetual Horrors (Promo Video)

06. Interview with Kristoffer Olivius


The Japanese edition will contain the bonus track «Necrospiritus».


Call me impressed…




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