Southern Lord are releasing a 10 year anniversary edition of Unsilent Death by Nails on 27th November, with a new track «Enemy» available this Friday via Bandcamp as pre-orders are activated. This version is the original 10 song album with the addition of three songs from their Obscene Humanity 7” and two songs from the original Unsilent Death recording session that were never released or heard, until now.

About this anniversary edition, Todd Jones comments «We’re happy that the record seemingly deserves a celebration for it’s 10 year anniversary. I hope people enjoy it.»


1. Conform
2. Scum Will Rise
3. Your God
4. Suffering Soul
5. Unsilent Death
6. Traitor
7. I Will Not Follow
8. No Servant
9. Scapegoat
10. Depths
11. Leech (previously unreleased) **
12. Enemy (previously unreleased) **
13. Confront Them **
14. Obscene Humanity **
15. Lies **