Genre: Heavy Metal/US Power
Country: U.S.A.
Label:Dystopian Dogs Records
Year: 2021

Whoever out there keep an eye on our column the old enough knows very well the love we have for traditional heavy metal and underdogs like Traveler, Eternal Champion or other newer bands that now are split up but marked in their short life Heavy Metal despite the low sales or the failure to become huge, the sub-genre we our devoted to. Borrowed Time is one of those names that their flame burned out too fast even though they had a lot more to offer. Prelude to Ruin is here to make my statement closer to truth as all of their members have been to Borrowed Time in the past. Actually Prelude to Ruin is Victor M. and David Ruiz’ new project. (David sung and played all guitars on the original Borrowed Time-demo, and Sean also played drums and co-wrote “Burning Mistress” on that recording). In a matter of fact, Prelude to Ruin was supposed to be the name of the band that eventually became Borrowed Time. Detroit based trio completed by Sean Cyriis Sethi plays high speed power metal with many epic elements added in their music making them an interesting proposal for all fans of the genre. Their style seems close to early Fates Warning (on steroids) as probably their moniker taken from the “Awaken the Guardian” album song betrays them. A closer look would unveil also common structure and similarities with Chevalier, White Magician/ (that shared a split 10” vinyl with) and legends like Warlord, Blind Guardian, Nocturnal Rites, and 90’s era Riot.
As for their music vision, in their own words: “Prelude to Ruin is the physical manifestation of the being known as RUIZ. In mortal form RUIZ has witnessed many if not all events that have transpired across many galaxies since the dawn of the universe. Rock and Roll is the last bastion of salvation afforded the current mortals who have been chosen, should they fail to complete their visions the consequences could be catastrophic.”

RUIZ: Victor and David
Reverend and Doctor Czeckowski: Drums
The Great Kaiser: Bass
Matt Prestone: Guitars

Check them below: