Kristian ”Krille” Hasselhuhn drummer and founder of Inverted  is dead from cancer. Inverted was active in the 90’s (1991-1998) and have released 2 studio albums «The Shadowland» (1996) and «There Can Be Only One…» (1997).
Kristian Hasselhuhn was also the publisher of VOD Records and Inverted appeared on the second compilation CD by VOD called «Voices of Death (Part II)» with the song «As The Last Angel Falls«.
His bandmates posted in the band’s facebook page:
«It is with great sadness and with a very heavy heart, we share the heartbreaking news that our band member, drummer and dear friend Kristian ”Krille” Hasselhuhn is no longer with us.
Cancer took your life but your legacy will live on forever.
Our deepest condolences to his girlfriend Linda, his parents and to the rest of his family.
Kristian formed Inverted in 1991. The band was active 1991-1998.
Gone but never forgotten, Rest In Peace!»