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Razor White – Demo 1988


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Lost Realm Records 
Year: 2023 Reissue (1988)

Razor White journey into music industry starts way back in 1986 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Featuring a lineup  with guitarists Matt Thomas and Jimmy “Hipp” Davis, bassist Craig Cazubon, drummer Steve “Psycho” Joseph, and vocalist Philip Anselmo. Even though playing at the early beginning covers on Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and others soon this cover band as the several shows they participated have turned them into a popular group playing their own songs. This popularity caused them the loss of their singer when Anselmo couldn’t refuse the offer from Texans -later legends- Pantera. Singer Troy Marks replaces him, as also did Wip Buras before bassist Craig Cazubon. In the same year they enter New Orleans’ Ultrasonic Studios and record their first self-titled demo cassette. Now this cassette is a cult gem and truth be told the also known as “The Black Demo” because of the cover, was from day one important for them and had an impact, as it was a full of quality and energy, and managed to impress the first major labels and complete several showcases for them in New York. If you compare the demo and their full length -that is also out there via Lost Realm Records – then you can see how the band evolved and how they actually changed into a more mainstream way. But in the demo, the material is raw, still melodic yet catchy enough as the band had one foot on US Power and the other one on the glam wave that was hitting the shores of America. So you can find similarities with some traditional 80’s bands but also some glances of Motley Crue,Badlands, Vice and Skid Row as all aforementioned had a street vibe and heavy songs not only poser stuff or something. Nice guitars, not something great so probably a bit generic lyrics, melodic vocals and full of passion from 5 young guys trying to get their piece of the pie…Lost Realm Records are currently releasing the demo with biography, lyrics and photos. The five songs of ‘Razor White (The Black Demo)’ are supplemented by three alternative song versions. Highlights: Never Cry Wolf, Dog Eat Dog and Come On Strong. 

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