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Red Rum – Book Of Legends


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Genre: Folk/Heavy
Country: U.K.
Label: Trollzorn Records
Year: 2023

British recipe for a glorious heavy metal party!!
1. A spoonful of soup of ’90s Running wild
2. 3 tablespoons οf 90s Skyclad
3. 1 pouch of entertaining pirate metal focusing on escapism, joy and stereotypes.
4. Last but not least… Few drops of happiness, love, folk instruments and Tankard tunes for beers!
And… Here we are!!!

Red Rum – Book of Legends!!
Red Rum based in British East Midlands, that has been around for thirteen years.

I would say that it is somewhat difficult to release this kind of heavy metal record in this period. I don’t know how you can fit this kind of album, among heavier, traditional and classic epic releases, but at least they give their best shot! Decent produce with some good, pomp, heavy and enjoyable tunes like “Drunk and Disorderly”, ”We Pirates” and definitely “Rekt” which is the best song in my opinion. Also they know how to use more folkish instruments between their songs.

The British underground bands of the 80s and 90s and the bands that continued this style of heavy, speed/thrashy, traditional genre metal have always fascinated me. They don’t really seem to care about world’s opinion and musical trends. And that was it, I think the mark they left. Anyone who follows us is welcome, for the others we won’t be able to change our style, sorry!

Although they have two full lengths and one EP in their luggage, they should do their best to stay active on the stage, afterall. But still they are musicians and it shows from the way they play, with such sincerity and honesty for what they do. Which I don’t think they care about becoming a huge range band.

So… Good sailing and wind in your sails

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