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Ross the Boss – Legacy of Blood, Fire & Steel


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Country: USA
Style: Heavy / Epic Metal
Label: AFM Records

“A Legacy Of Blood, Fire & Steel” is out exclusively on vinyl and contains all the highlights of the albums “New Metal Leader”, “Hailstorm”, as well as “By Blood Sworn” and “Born Of Fire”.

This compilation is actually an overview of the guitarist’s Ross H. Friedman discography under the ROSS THE BOSS moniker, featuring some hand picked tracks.

From classic Heavy Metal to Epic Metal the music included in the ROSS THE BOSS discography pretty much reflects the Heavy Metal movement from the late 00s until today.

A compilation like this would help newcomers to get introduced into this particular creative era of the artist. For the fanatics and the vinyl collector, it can work as an extra item on their already full collection.

Ross H. Friedman have written his very own history under the MANOWAR moniker and it is obvious that his saga continues under his personal band. All in all this compilation is a great introduction to the particular era.




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