Genre: Death Metal
Country: Thailand
Label: Inhuman Assault Productions
Year: 2021

Savage Deity are hailing from Bangkok, Bangkok and Nonthaburi, Thailand and was formed in 2010 by guitarist Ray Swasdiphan and vocalist/bassist Twish, with guitarist Saran and drummer Thinnarat completing the lineup in 2013. This is their 3rd studio full length effort following “Beyond the Sanctum” that was out in 2017 again via Inhuman Assault Productions. I’m not so well informed about this Asian’s country’s scene (although I have to notice that Savage Deity is part of Siamese Brutalism, a collective of death metal, grindcore and goregrind musicians based in Thailand), but I can guarantee you about the band’s quality as also inform you for its influences so you can get an idea about their sound.

As their lyrical style is anti-religious anti-Christianity based the ferocious nature of their guttural vocals and the ultra-violent blast beats are welcome as for the influences they can be traced easily to 90’s Floridian Death metal; Morbid Angel, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Monstrosity and Obituary among others. “Decade of Savagery” has a plethora of shredding riffs and solos, -a mixture of raw and savage death metal and more standard technically plain riffs- a frenetic rhythm along with multiple tempo changes and a morbid atmosphere. All these ingredients can easily describe their sound that is full of brilliant ideas and malevolent and quiet efficient song-writing.

The album is cut in only 300 copies so you better get hurry all those of you want a sick and strong Death Metal release coming from the savage underground circles.

Highlights: “Crucifather”, “Christ Tension”, “Obscure Fortune” and “Perish Mangda” that features Jason Gobel from Cynic.