Listen to SERPENT RIDER track «The Wretch», taken from «Visions of Esoteric Splendor», the upcoming split release with EZRA BROOKS, out on October 22nd of 2021 by No Remorse Records, limited to 500 copies on vinyl and 500 copies on compact disc.


Serpent Rider came into its infancy in 2015 as Skyway Corsair, but quickly broke up. It came back in 2017 later under the new band name, which comes from a line from Manilla Road’s «The Ram». After two years, the band’s first demo, «Pour Forth Surquidous», came out independently as a tribute to ancient epic metal a la Dr. Doolittle, Manowar, and Manilla Road.

Shortly after the demo, the band needed to change lineups once again to accommodate a move to Seattle from Los Angeles. Now back with a split with the mighty Ezra Brooks from Canada, Serpent Rider is dedicated to arcane and epic heavy metal in all of its most obscure forms, here and forever.