Skeletal Remains – Fragments of the Ageless


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Genre:Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label:Century Media Records
Year: 2024

Skeletal Remains were established in 2011 in California and this is their 5th studio full length. The band was originally called Anthropophagy, but after finishing the first demo they decided to change their name. Weird decision as their first moniker is translated to eating human and if you hear their music carefully this the absolute ode to cannibalism! And I doubt if there is anything left not even the bones, so no skeletal remaining!!! Of course the band walks on the path of Obituary and Death have created but their steps are small and steady in every album and moving forward with further cohesion and confidence.  The legendary Morrisound Death Metal vibes and aura is present but the riffs are more than brilliant and vivid. I’m astonished by the guitar work here. The leads are like they were hidden in some of Schuldiner’s studio in the file named ‘best kept secret’ and while the new drummer Pierce Williams make us forgot (ok, not so easily but you get my point here) Charlie Koryn’s performance on 2020’s “The Entombment of Chaos” I don’t really know which is better here: the performance of the guys individually or as a whole? (Monroy throat is definetely excellent indeed) Or is it the meaty production or the compositions high quality? Shall I insist on drumming or the twisted guitars (both leads and solos)?  So as a conclusion I have to decide and I balance either for the punchy guitars and the thick bass lines that are incredible, but still it is the song writing which is probably their finest ever that makes some tracks becoming instant classics such as Pestilence like  “Void of Despair” or the Cannibal Corpse inspired “To Conquer the Devout” and “Verminous Embodiment”, or “Cybernetic Harvest”, the Gorguts-esque headbanger “Forever in Sufferance” before the glorious slower Suffocation influenced  “Unmerciful ’, right before the last instrumental and again the brutal ending with ‘Messiah of Rage” that makes this album superb. 


Nikos Nakos
“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.”
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