Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2020

Skeletal Remains return with their 4th studio album release. The Californian trio with the European aura -as their sound is close enough to Pestilence- and the made in Florida ptomaine smell of Morbid Angel in their breathe creates one of the best old school albums of the year. Among great new bands we have a revival of the early nineties atmosphere an era that everyone that was there never dreamed that would ever return, yet Blood Incantation, Skeletal Remains, Tomb Mold, Skelethal and Gatecreeper among many others are here to prove us wrong, thankfully! Their previous effort the critical third album that defines many careers Devouring Mortality was a bit filtered and refined, if not experimental. Despite being very interesting still this progressive approach cannot be seen here in The Entombment of Chaos. Here we are dealing with in your face Death Metal attack. The pummeling drums dominate their sound that is full of groovy and ferocious compositions that have a variety of rhythm changes, brilliant solos in the veins of Morbid Angel and some serious blast beats that fulfills the furious buzz-saw riffing, grandiose leads and the hostile vocals. The album has the perfect combination of brutality and melody, while the band has managed to capture the sick atmosphere that needs the songs to shine, if shine is the right word for this rusty environment…An exciting album that has many excellent moments and some outstanding songs like: ‘Congregation of Flesh’, ‘Synthetic Impulse’ or ‘Torturous Ways to Obliteration’ and ‘Eternal Hatred’.