Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Country: Canada
Label: Bad Omen Records
Realese: October 2022

Following 2020’s “Opulent Decay”, this is the fourth album of the Canadians in this post-Stryker form. Close to their traditional metal style with some gothic rock and prog influence, as we can tell by the opening track “Fatal Breath”. With overall clever riffs during the verses and interesting/catchy choruses this album comes more straightforward than its predecessor and seems to be more pleasant for the listener. Their sound is elaborated and refined in some stunning ways but it’s also a bit normalized of its grime. With around three to four-minute length tracks and  catchy hooks sounds like a less adventurous experience, but not in a disappointing way.  “Ultraviolet” and “Fever Dream” were great single choices as their choruses are more striking, while “Hades Embrace” and “Sarcophagus” follow a safer mid-tempo pattern. If we have to pick some album highlights these should be “Ruined Garden” and ominous “Watcher of the Seas”. The bass playing is dominant providing a sturdy bottom-heavy anchor. Clever drum patterns even with  being lower in the mix. As far as the vocal lines are concerned, they are clearer and steady, while  guitars and synths provide this gothic vibe that comes as a surprise. This genre blend is unique and shows that the Canadiens are in an exploratory mood and want to expand their songwriting to a more alternate and prog approach. Even with this wave of post punk by way of classic metal seemingly getting bigger with each passing year, there’s still nobody doing it like Spell. The idea of less-is-more has been applied here by principle to start, but Spell are getting to the point here. They’ve always been a band willing to take their chances and do something a bit more weird in a way, following an inward-looking songcraft. From heavy rock to heavy metal and back again and with this esoteric discography the bands seems to have some serious growing confidence. There is still room for experimentation on sound and songwriting for the Canadians and we are looking forward to it. Keep it up!