Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2021

Live in North America is the second live recording for the living legends of Death metal Suffocation (the first one was “The Close of a Chapter: Quebec City Live 2005”). A historic release that works as best of collection of more than 30 years of career, a sonic capturing of a no tomorrow performance and in the end the last chance to hear the band’s co-founder Frank Mullen behind Suffo mic.  Especially for those who haven’t got the chance to see Suffocation not only in their prime but with their long time and trademark vocalist on stage this record works like a benchmark of their course in music industry for the New Yorkers. Suffocation recorded the album at the Massachusetts stop on the celebration of Mullen’s final stand with the band. Despite the many lineup changes this time is a lot different… I don’t have any crystal ball to see or a prophecy’s skills to know how the new singer will respond and how this new thing will go and if Ricky Myers of Disgorge can wear Mullen shoes, but I know that I’ve seen Mullen on stage and this LP is an excellent way to have this experience in my discotheque, in my house and hear it anytime I want. The memory remains or swan-song on vinyl thing or what! The track listing is totally awesome the performance of the band just brilliant as everyone sounds right on fucking point and I guess that not only die-hards will be satisfied but all fans of extreme music also. As for the guys that aren’t familiar with the band that have wrote at least 3 monumental albums such as Effigy of the Forgotten, Breeding the Spawn, and Pierced from Within (the majority of the songs are picked from their first 3 legendary albums) and so many Death metal hymns like “Thrones of Blood”, “Effigy Of The Forgotten”, “Jesus Wept”, “Souls To Deny”, “Funeral Inception”, “As Grace Descends”, “Pierced From Within” and “Infecting The Crypts” that all the above are in Live in North America, but it’s never too late as this is a great way to start your journey into the extreme with.