Genre:Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Arkeyn Steel Records
Year: 2022

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US, summer of 1991, a band is on the studio recording. In a normal situation such a situation would be a good starting point for something bigger and better, for any band. In the case of SYMON SEZ this two day session that they did to record their songs, was actually the very last time they played together. Their songs were recorded and kept in the archives of the guitarist and founding member Jimmy Skaggs for the last 31 years.

The band started around 1989 under the name RESTITUTION. In 1991 they entered the studio with Bill Dollins (LEGIONED MARCHER / FORTE / AGENT X) on vocals to record five of their originals under the SYMON SEZ moniker.

Arkeyn Steel Records team managed to track down the band’s main founding member and composer, guitarist Jimmy Skaggs. So the entire recorded material of the band will be released for the very first time on CD.

What come someone hear on those 31 year aged songs? Well SYMON SEZ delivered first class Heavy Metal. Solid, melodic and inspired. Musicianship and songwriting are the two main features that should be pointed on their songs.

The band’s music is blessed by one of the best voices in the entire US Metal realm: The voice of Bill Dollins. His vocals are simply perfect on those recordings. And I mean it.

As expected this reissue is based once again on the Arkeyn Steel Records high standards. All the audio material has been transfered from the original DAT sources and went straight to the magic hands of Kostas Scandalis who did the remaster at infinity studio (Thessaloniki, Greece). On the booklet someone can discover lyrics, photos and an in depth interview with Mr Skaggs.

So here we got a piece of Oklahoma Metal History. SYMON SEZ delivered first class steel that deserves to be heard by everyone. Do not miss this one.

“Chosen One” will be released on Arkeyn Steel RecordsDecember 16th. Pre order here.