Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Australia
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Year: 2022

2022 seems like an exciting year for old school Heavy Metal as the debut mini-album of Australia’s TANGENT, self-titled Tangent portends. Hailing from Melbourne the wild trio flirts to be characterized as an analog band in a digital world. Something which should come as no surprise given the power-trio’s membership includes current and former members of Demons Gate, Outcast, Convent Guilt, and Shackles among others. Still you can’t blame them for their stubbornness as it’s so addictive and vintage that it is more than just charming. The song writing is simple but in a back to basics logic as everything they include in their music has a reason and it’s given with style and attitude. It will bring in mind great bands of the 80’s and this hot rock in feeling that some way in the road many bands and fans have lost. Sweat, blood and tears in the veins of Saxon, Heavy Pettin’, Picture and the entire guitar driven heroes of early 80’s with the sharp riffs and the sentimental melodies, plus many epic touches.