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Tarot – Glimpse Of The Dawn


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Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Country: Australia
Label: Cruz del Sur Music
Year: 2024

Not so long ago hailing from Australia Tarot’s debut was a great news for those who worship 70’s warm, analog and vintage sound. Well now that I’m thinking it twice probably was a long time as 8 years have passed since Reflections… so the term ‘long awaited’ for the band’s sophomore full length sound perfectly suited here. Entitled Glimpse of the Dawn the album is a fair opportunity once again for the Australians to pay tribute to their heroes. Perfectly executed re-imagined Heavy, Hammond B3 organ Hard Rock, born for the generations to come. Thankfully the band has tremendous talent and song writing skills so the final result isn’t a best of mixture of their influences. So while you can definitely recognize hints and elements inspired by Uriah Heep, Rainbow and Deep Purple still the songs are blazing an identity of their own. Their label informed us that ‘Glimpse of the Dawn’ was recorded across several studios in the band’s native Tasmania, starting with drum tracking by Joe Haley at Crawlspace Productions. From there, the band retreated to its own Heavy Chains Studio and Riff Cabin to complete tracking, yet it was the face-to-face sessions with Haley that gave the album its live and natural feel.  This live and natural feel is the key here folks. Once you push play Tarot will travel you not back in Time as I think all greats can’t be captured in a specific era but are damned to travel (along either their listeners) in a place where Time stops and has no meaning at all; a psychedelic trip through emotions and soundscapes that only initiated can experience. Another factor making ‘Glimpse of the Dawn’ more completed is that now (something that didn’t happened in ‘Spectre’) , the album features contributions from all members of Tarot. I believe the album has this 70’s exchange of ideas of equal parts of guitars and synths (actually classic Hammond B3 organ, mellotron string and choir and various analog synths) reminding us the epic battles of Deep Purple back in the days…Great ideas, excellent song writing, depth, vintage aesthetic, freshness and some hymns like the title track, ‘Dreamer in the Dark’, ‘The Winding Road’ and ‘Echos Through Time’ are a few only points to make you buy an instant classic for lovers of earthly organic sound…


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