Kvaen is the solo project of Swedish musician Jakob Björnfot, who you may recognise his name as he was in The Duskfall and Autumn Death, as well as live performances with Devil’s Force and Ghost Ship Octavius. In this new project, he offers a pure black metal amalgam with Pagan and Viking Metal influences, blended with both Norwegian and Swedish traditions from the ’90s, creating the ultimate soundscape that will travel you in the cold North and it’s natural beauties or better saying it grabs the listener and takes it on a wild ride through Norwegian deep forests through mountains and deep valleys. Pummeling drums, razor sharp riffs and sick soloing for this excellent piece of church-burning pagan worshiping 90’s Black Metal that Kvaen perfectly matched with the northern 90’s black metal with a hint of the Swedish melodic black metal.

Kvaen’s debut album, The Funeral Pyre, will be released, tommorrow on February 28th by Black Lion Records, and today we’re presenting 3 songs taken from it. Tommorrow we will update the post so you can stream the whole album in it’s entirety.