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The Halo Effect – Days Of The Lost


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Genre: Melodic Death
Country: Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2022

I don’t know how many out there remember that Mikael Stanne was In Flames vocalist back in the day and at the same time Andres Friden was the frontman of Dark Tranquillity but I would bet my money on very few. More or less the same fans that remember that Melodic Death had its capital in Gothenburg and probably won’t be more than the ones that wait for In Flames to return to their roots. Having all these thoughts in my mind somehow made me after I hearing over and over the The Halo Effect debut that the more suitable title that would fit to this record is “Reroute to Remain”. Well truth be told the The Halo Effect LP is closer to the mid 90’s sound than the 2002’s one by In Flames. Yet as a title would perfectly fit.  The aura of melodeath that blew our minds of course is here. The thin line of nostalgic tribute and back to basics inspiration though is getting thinner and thinner every time the record spin still I can’t deny that the album was fascinating in its entirety.

The band features mostly former In Flames members: Jesper Strömblad (CYHRA guitarist), Daniel Svensson (drummer), Peter Iwers (bassist), Niclas Engelin (guitarist) as well as Dark Tranquillity‘s fame Mikael Stanne (vocalist).  So this all-star collective was definitely felt like being again 19 years old when they recorded the album and this high energy/having fun attitude can be heard easily without making the final result less mature that what a fan would ask from a band he/ she invests his/her money. soaring guitar leads melodic vocals emotional growls and some sparking clean here and there (“In Broken Trust” and “A Truth Worth Lying For”) groovy riffs, melancholic touches and excellent song writing create a must buy album for all those who endorse this kind of music and as the band’s front man comments: “‘Days Of The Lost” the song) is about finding your place in life, about making that outcast experience into something that propels you forward. (I personally feel that this can be said for the whole album and he continues speaking for the band). We all met in our mid-teens and we were all trying to find direction, motivation and meaning. Thankfully we found it in creativity and music and we shared this passion and made something from it that remains an essential part of who we are as individuals and as parts of a whole. So this is us reflecting on our past, while watching a new generation slowly but surely find their path. It’s about standing up, being your true self and about not letting anything stand in your way.”

Now that we have heard also the 2 new In Flames tracks and were both moving in the same pattern as The Halo Effect album, a new Soilwork LP is ready to be released, we can surely say that Melodic Death fans are living a blast from the past secondary prime years of the genre or something this year…The band also have unveiled already 5 videos for: the title track, “Feel What I Believe”, “Shadowminds”, “The Needless End” and “In Broken Trust” which features guest vocals by Jonas Slättung. Highlights: the gothic “Gateways”, “Conditional”, the opener “Shadowminds”, “Last of Our Kind” in which the singer of Trivium Matt Heafy  guests on along with Johannes Bergion on cello and Erika Risinger on violin and “Days Of The Lost.”

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