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THE TROOPS OF DOOM Release “Dawn Of Mephisto” Music Video


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THE TROOPS OF DOOM, the Brazilian Death Metal supergroup led by Jairo “Tormentor” Guedz, former guitarist of the original SEPULTURA lineup, will release their new single, “Dawn Of Mephisto”, on Friday (May 17).

A video for the song can be viewed below.

THE TROOPS OF DOOM‘s new studio album, “A Mass To The Grotesque”, will be released on May 31 via Alma Mater Records, the Portuguese label run by MOONSPELL singer, Fernando Ribeiro.

“Imagine a Death Metal world unaltered and pure since the 1990’s, a musical style so dear to the fans, that time, business and trend, could never hurt,“ Death Metal fan Fernando Ribeiro recommends. “Go back to the glorious time where Death Metal reigned supreme, thanks to some bands, artists, studios and an untameable will of progressing and delivering extreme music to its finest shape, like occult jewellery, filigree, brutal yet elegant in its overwhelming task of splitting your ears. The new TROOPS OF DOOM album “A Mass To The Grotesque”, which Alma Mater Records is brutally proud to present, rescues this long forgotten Death Metal class. They are the flag carriers of the authentic Morrisound sound (the legendary Florida studio where this album was mixed and mastered) and they leave no stones unturned on this one. Brace yourself for the best and most authentic Death Metal album in ages!”


“A Mass To The Grotesque” tracklisting:

01. “Solve Et Coagula” – Introduction
02. “Chapels Of The Unholy”
03. “Dawn Of Mephisto”
04. “Denied Divinity”
05. “The Impostor King”
06. “Faithless Requiem”
07. “Psalm 78 – God Of Bizarre”
08. “Terror Inheritance”
09. “The Grotesque”
10. “Blood Upon The Throne”
11. “Venomous Creed”

Nikos Nakos
Nikos Nakos
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