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Thorns Reveals Details About Their First Album Since 2001 & Announces A Rare Upcoming Live Performance


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Thanks to Metal Injection and a social media post by Slagmaur, the legendary Thorns is currently preparing to release their first album in over two decades. After changing their name from Stigma DiabolicumThorns unleashed three historic demos Grymyrk (1991), Trøndertun (1992), and The Thule Tape (1992); the split Thorns vs. Emperor (1999); their self-titled 2001 debut; and more. Along with Mayhem‘s late EuronymousThorns‘ Snorre Ruch is regarded as the co-architect of the black metal style of riffing. Mr. Ruch‘s pioneering influence simply cannot be overstated. No one will doubt that he is one of the greatest visionaries and guitarists in the genre.

Today, we have even more exciting updates to share! The mighty Slagmaur provided us with Snorre Ruch‘s sinister warning: “Human vermin be ready to be holed up.” Ruch continues:

“Finally, the long-desired second Thorns album, the infinite and absolute apex of the metal legend’s total singularity is about to consume your pity planet! From the spinning Sagittarius A-Hole evolving Sagittarius B-Star is thrown across the Milky Way from its dead center and pounding your way! Aldrahn and Snorre on vocals being guested by Slagmaur‘s Dr. Von Hellreich with special appearances of Satyr and The Sulphur Sisters will stuff incomprehensible truths into your Primate earholes!”

General Gribbsphiiser, who founded Slagmaur in 2006, further informs us:

“I have heard the new Thorns for 9 years, and it’s insane. People will not be disappointed. It’s definitely Thorns, and the new Slagmaur album will also be up there kicking!”

Although it will be released through Peaceville Records, the new Thorns album will be the final production by Moonfog, the label of Satyricon‘s Satyr, a longtime collaborator of the band. We know that Satyr will bring all of his artistry as a vocalist to this highly anticipated offering.

In April, Slagmaur confirmed that they are scheduled to perform at the respected Belgian-based festival Unholy Congregation. It now comes as a wonderful surprise that Slagmaur has convinced Thorns to accompany them. The fifth edition of Unholy Congregation will showcase a variety of other greats: VemodWhoredom RifeThe Ruins of Beverast, etc. The festival will take place on December 1 and 2. Tickets can be purchased here.

“We are ready for Unholy Congregation,” the Thorns camp declares. Slagmaur and the General have prepared the following official statement to confirm the breaking news:

Prepare for a ritual of unparalleled intensity, as the legendary Thorns, led by the enigmatic Snorre Ruch, descend upon the Unholy Congregation. “A giant of black metal history, Thorns are an icon who rarely, if ever, have graced the stage. Witness this extremely rare event as Snorre will join Slagmaur for an unholy collaboration that will transcend your wildest nightmares. This year, we summon darkness like never before!”

It would be a crime if we failed to acknowledge that Slagmaur is every bit as compelling as Thorns, and thus these outfits serve as the perfect accomplices. Slagmaur has rightly been dubbed the most terrifying black metal act around. In addition, this band of delightfully charismatic hooligans can certainly be described as one of the most enigmatic entities in the industry. Their highly inventive music and imagery ranks among the very best in the genre. For this reason, Slagmaur has acquired fans such as Mayhem‘s Hellhammer, ex-Mayhem‘s Maniac, and Carpathian Forest‘s Vrangsinn.

Yes, we eagerly await Slagmaur‘s aforementioned upcoming fourth album, Hulders Ritualet, which will be unveiled at a date yet to be announced via Prophecy Productions. In 2019 and 2022 respectively, Slagmaur dropped the effort’s first two phenomenal singles, “Wildkatze” and “Ritual Dogs.” In August, Slagmaur posted the excellent Hulders Ritualet outtake “Rathkings.” Slagmaur has kindly allowed us to listen to an unheard Hulders Ritualet track in advance, and we can vouch that it is absolutely superb — pure hypnotic perfection.

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