Genre: Post Black Metal
Country: Germany
Label:Kellerassel Records
Year: 2020

Toadeater as a fast Google search is informing us can be either: a quack doctor’s assistant who pretended to eat toads, etc. as a public demonstration of the efficacy of the doctor’s medicines or a flatterer, a mean sycophant, a fawning obsequious parasite. Or an anarchist post melodic crusty black metal band from Germany. Toadeater unleash their second longplayer «Bit to ewigen Daogen» right after releasing the EP «Hestia».

Lyrically speaking they inform us on the press release: “The upcoming opus contains five monuments about mankind’s creation, their alienation with an ecosystem they were orginally born into and the happening decay of our civilization.”

Following their 2019 debut, “Codex”, and this year’s “Hestia” EP, Toadeater’s return passes through ‘80s post-punk and goth elements flirting with Joy Division while the black metal influences are still present and sick as Hell. There’s an emphasis on the atmosphere where black metal dominates with its oppressive and melancholic melodies. The limited use of synthesizer helps the elegiac melodies to shine, while the manic riffing, the rage filled drumming and majestic clean vocals (for the first time) are combined almost perfectly.

If you are trying to find similarities with any group out there that Toadeater are close enough, then you should find  Mgła, Deafheaven and Altar of Plagues (and why not even Summoning if you hear a bit more carefully their song “Too Close to the Sun”) or a crazy mixture or soundtrack orgy of these 4 aforementioned bands.