During a recent interview with Metal Injection, Tom G. Warrior, founder and frontman of Triptykon, as well as legendary bands Celtic Frost and Hellhammer, revealed that Triptykon will soon begin working on a new album, their first since 2014’s sophomore effort, «Melana Chasmata.» Speaking to Metal Injection, the Swiss musician said:

«I actually have no problem giving you an official statement. Why not? Last time we spoke was, of course, the beginning of the pandemic, and we thought we’re going to use that time to write a new album. But as it turned out, the pandemic had the opposite effect on all of us. None of us felt inspired being confined to our homes, not having any contact, in person closer to each other, not having any contact to our audiences, not being on the stage, not traveling. I wrote one song during the two years of the pandemic, even though I wanted to write more.

«But that has changed now, of course, that we’re back as an active band and we are actually going to record a new album next year. That’s our solid plan, that we’re actually working on it now. We have just played the last concert for the year and everybody is now going to their home or finishing up their individual ideas and then we will next meet to rehearse those. So the official plan is for us to finish it next year. And I’m not sure if it’s going to be enough to release it next year, but we certainly will release new music next year, even if it’s not a full album yet. We will definitely do an EP or something to show people that we are actually in the studio and the album is actually happening.»