Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Label Electric Assault Records
Year: 2023

C’mon you all trve heavy metal warriors these are big news for all of you. Tyrann are back with their second album, out now via Electric Assault Records. Entitled ‘Besatt’ which is translated to possessed, it contains eight hard-hitting heavy metal anthems nothing lesser than what we all have been expected from these guys. Maiden-isque guitars (and when we speak about Maiden we certainly refer to Paul Di’Anno era) are present of course while the FWOSHM elements and the mostly in Swedish lyrics dominate their sound bringing in mind Onyx, Gotham City, Mindless Sinner and other cult or obscure names from glorious underground circles from the 80’s. Nevertheless you can’t miss on spotting on the atmosphere which is totally dark, moody and as primitive as it gets. Their sound is simplistic in a charming and ‘less is more’ way, raw, passionate and full of energy as we actually speak for an adrenaline explosion coming from your speakers. Old school vibes and late 70’s aesthetic along with cult yet catchy choruses and melodic guitars, straightforward approaching in mostly mid paced tempos with some more interesting melodies between the rock-solid leads, excellent chemistry among the band’s members and brilliant songwriting skills can only lead to hymns of Heavy Metal worshipping all the cliché that made us love this music. Probably the most trve and authentic release of the year. Excellent, a buy or die situation 1000%, that should get down on your knees and thank your deity of choice.