Genre: Melodic Death/Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Label:Century Media Records
Year: 2021

Unanimated is probably the most underrated band of melodic death/black metal, so overlooked that somewhere between laughing and being totally serious my buddies and me refer to them under the moniker Underrated. I also believe that “Ancient God of Evil” and another well-kept secret “Blood From Stone” by The Moaning are two of the brightest jewels on melodic death/black scene so Unanimated new album via Century media Records (following the re-releases of their back catalogue from the same label) was highly anticipated by both fans and the Press. “Victory in Blood” is their 4th studio full length. The legendary band from Sweden that was established in 1988 were pioneers of the sub-genre releasing 2 full lengths until 1996 that were split up making a huge impression to the underground circles managing to keep their name high in all fans consciousness next to big names of the scene as Dissection, Gates of Ishtar and Sacramentum.

Of course as Unanimated members were and still are great musicians after the disbanding they were kept bus in various projects and bands like Entombed and Dismember), but one year shy to a dozen they were back in 2007.

2009’s In the Light of Darkness were the only recording from this era and another split up that made their fans a bit disbelieving for a new material that the release of the EP “Annihilation” three years ago (2018 via Century Media Records in only 2000 copies), haven’t changed their mind. So another dozen years later their comeback seems like a lie or a dream to most of them. But it’s a fucking reality that in the end the final result is the one that makes the wait worthy or not.

The song structure is built on sharp and punchy guitar riffs that dominate their sound as the tasting acid cutting edge twin guitars with melodic passages blended perfectly with throaty raspy black metal vocals while the use of acoustics and the totally dark atmosphere on the whole album in its entirety really makes it bulky and creates a melancholic environment. The album is catchy as fuck yet is enough aggressive and violent. All tracks share this pure evil mysticism in the air sometimes too dark (“As the Night Takes us” or “The Poetry of Scarred Earth”), and I really enjoyed the 2 well-crafted mid-paced and nostalgic songs as “XIII” and “Chaos Ascends”. Some thrash vibes and rapid fire riffing are here and there through” Victory in Blood” that turns to be a crescendo of a controlled rage and sadness were high speed is almost everywhere present: “Victory in Blood”, “Seven Mouths of Madness”, “Scepter of Vengeance”, “The Devil Rides Out” “Divine Hunger” and “Demon Pact (Mysterium Tremendum)”. Nostalgic and definitely old school black metal Armageddon of “Divine Hunger” and “Demon Pact (Mysterium Tremendum)” are among the highlights same as the almost death ‘n roll “The Golden Dawn of Murder” and “Chaos Ascends”, in an album that is balancing excellent break-neck speed with soaring melodies.