Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Slovenia
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Year: 2022

“It’s a long way to the top of wanna rock ‘n roll” says on the Bible or the Quran, quite can’t remember clear or was it AC/DC after all? But it is far longer if you wanna play Heavy Metal. And every one who dreamed and later created a band knows it very well. Furthermore if you are hailing from Slovenia then things can take much more time until you make a good name and the road to success may have more turns than you expected. So it isn’t hard to understand why Vigilance even thought were established in 2010 in Postojna, Slovenia in 2010 had to wait until 2019 to start having some worldwide acclaim and their 4rth studio album entitled «Enter the Abyss». Now once again in Dying Victims Productions they deliver a mini album entitled with their name knowing this time it’s their time! The title probably means a new start for the band not musically speaking but mostly as a new beginning for more attention and global success buying their country. They deserve it nevertheless! Their style is a mixture of NWOBHM as in early Maiden blended with Mercyful Fate riffs and some doses of Bathory and epic hints, while in their self-titled release now deliver also several melodic elements in the veins of Rainbow, as in the also at progressive “Orbis Mundi”. The 5 song, 26 minutes long mini album has the power, the dynamic and the quality to win every fan of pure Heavy Metal who loves twin guitars and strong compositions as “Veliki Briljantni Valček” and “Roka Pogube”, memorable as “Na Krilih Noči” and “Arbogastov Plamen” and ambitious as “Orbis Mundi”. Using their native language make things even more cult and raw to my ears. Great effort indeed!