Virgin Steele – The Passion of Dionysus


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Genre:Heavy Metal/Power Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Year: 2023

First things,first!!!

I will NEVER…forget the first I listened to Virgin Steele….I remember my older brother to order by the phone..”The Noble Savage” album from the legendary ROCK CITY_Records Store

And every time since then…i listened to them.i have this exact picture in my mind

For me Virgin Steele…were and will be one of the MOST decent and important 90s US power metal bands…

They recorded very powerful albums..for sure…but I believe that after ”The House of Atreus..Part II.” they lost their path…their identity-or more accurately Defeis-.

Unfortunately, the new album is poorly produced, and does not do justice to some good parts and songs..The drums are hollow and the guitars are oddly distorted, as well as too low in the mix.

In general it is a symphonic/progressive work.

The biggest issue with this album is, songs extended longer than necessary, but even that is balanced by songs like “Song of Possession” and “Black Earth and Blood”.!

in conclusion..David is a unique rock musician..he is honest in what he does…and seems to love it deeply and humbly…always trying to respect the listener..I don’t know why he changed the way he sings. .and I don’t care in the end..I think he knows the reason better than any of us!

I have a constant feeling that Dave De Feis never understood his influence on the metal community…He seems like a humble and sensitive art lover..and for that reason I never got “angry” at him.

He was and will always be in my heart, as a Noble Savage who simply lost his way somewhere… and for that reason we…. after all these years he gave us, such a epic metal dynamites and make us to feel part of the stories he was telling ..let’s try to be by his side…if only by cringing with the opening track

“The Gethsemane Effect”..I strongly believe that we owe it to him.!

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