Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Canada
Label:Temple of Mystery Records
Year: 2022

When someone says something about a school in the field of arts and athletics my mind travels on the Eptanisian poets (as I learned about them in high-school) and Yugoslavian basketball players. Well if we are dealing with Heavy Metal, then along with Greek or Norwegian Black Metal or Teutonic Thrash there are so many scenes and schools to name and the Canadian scene could have been one of those schools that its members share the same characteristic but truth be told the variety of the Canadian bands make this whole thing a bit complicated and I don’t have this “Canada equals perfect” moto that many people say, probably as Rush hails from this country and Rush is closer to joke to my ears than a great band.

Kontact is a new group featuring members of Blackrat and Traveler. Their music is if it was captured in a capsule somewhere in time and now someone opened the capsule again. Pure Heavy Metal in the veins of Judas Priest with riffing from their 80’s era blended with a sci-fi aesthetic and 90’s Voivod-like epic and twisted touches while the voice is coming straight from the catacombs. Weird, raw and heretic vocal lines as they are coming out a cave, were well accepted in early 80’s as the technology wasn’t on a band’s side or when the poor production could help for better ones. Now this peculiar result drenched in reverb, that should bring you in mind Hellenic cult heroes’ Black Sword Thunder Attack, is a choice of the band as an obscure proposal. No one would prefer a clean cut production here or a plastic sound. Totally well-crafted and perfect approaching of the ancient Heavy metal sound and aesthetic that leads us to keep an eye on these guys and definitely check in their brilliant 5 song debut featuring 4 original compositions “Ancient Malice”, “The Devil in Iron”, “Heaven’s Gate” and “City of the Pyramid” and a cover on Sacred Blade’s “Fieldz the Sunshrine” from the cult 1986’s album from the Canadians entitled “Of The Sun + Moon”.

“First Contact” is already out in (vinyl version) EP/10″ & 12″ Single in 400 limited copies via Temple of Mystery Records and in 200 copies via Cursed Ritual Records (cassette).