Genre: Folk
Country: Switzerland
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2019

Τhere can’t be a single doubt regarding Eluveitie’s hard work, after all these years anymore. Despite the fact that they redefined the “folk metal” term the past decade, especially after their “magnum opus” Slania and afterwards, they managed to gain their own musical identity, as well as a venerable position in the european metal scene of the past years with their combinational approach of traditional folk elements and (basically) swedish melodeath. On their 8th record, “Ategnatos”, they seal the deal of their creative verve since the beginnings of their career. I cannot say for sure if the secret recipe behind that is their frequent musical changes (e.g. in Evocation II, out two years ago and based on the folklore element), or the lineup changes. Ategnatos has reached for the sky on the scale of their records and sounds much better than both “Evocation II” and “Origins” (out in 2014 and is fairly easier to compare to), since it contains massive and well structured tracks from the beginning to the end, even though all songs compared to each other do not sound that different, while they remind us of “Slania” and “Spirit”. The combinational vocals of the Fabienne – Chrigel duet take the entire album to the top and Ategnatos will evenually be included amongst the most essential releases of all time for the band, with a difference.