It is with great regret that ELUVEITIE have to announce the departure of their violin player Nicole Ansperger. They have enjoyed a wonderful year of adventures with Nicole, circling the globe and completing the first part of the “Origins” world tour together – their biggest, longest and most successful one yet.

Now, the show must go on, and as you might know ELUVEITIE are about to kick off another part of their world tour in early September. Nicole’s last show with the band will take place at the In Extremo Festival on September 5th, 2015. Starting right now, they are looking for a talented violin player to step in and complete three months of touring with them, from September 7th to December 15th, 2015.

This is no easy task, and the band will only consider the best of the best in order to bring you the ELUVEITIE show they are known for and proud of. If you think, you’ve got what it takes, the band invites you to take this chance and submit your entry in their first ever round of open auditions. Taking part is simple, getting the gig might be the challenge (and chance) of your life! To enter, simply:

  1. Download this MP3 of their song ‘King’, if you don’t have it yet:
  2. Record a video of yourself performing the song, making sure that the band can both see you and clearly hear your performance!
  3. Upload your video to and send the link to, and don’t forget to include detailed contact info!

Deadline for all submissions is Thursday, August 6th, at midnight Central European Time. Ideally, you will be a very talented musician with touring experience, as well as located in or near Switzerland. However, participation in this audition is open to all!