On Friday I grabbed the chance to visit Fuzz Club for a concert of bands I’m not even close to familiar. When this happens (rarely) to me, I have the “whim” of not listening to any material of the band before, not even a note, because I’m fascinated by the prospect to see a band from point zero and go from the very beginning into deep by watching them in a live performance, and see if what I will see their whether it will win me or not.

During the concert I was informed that I’m given the opportunity to write a review for what I was at that moment experiencing, and for this I ask forgiveness in advance by fans of the three bands for the fact that I can’t go deep into detail about the songs performed or the playlists, but I can of course convey the atmosphere and my overall impression.

About the event: Those who organized the live worth congratulations for the perfect adherence to the timetable. Everything followed the program given in the press release and I think it’s time this should happen in every concert from now on!

So, exactly at 20:00 the Italians Wind Rose rushed in the stage of Fuzz with only one purpose: to rouse the approximately 150 people who were at that time in the area and as a matter of fact, they had no difficulty at all! Having as an ally a decent sound and plenty of fun, they unfurled for about 40 minutes their elaborate power / prog, leaving the best impressions! Good – rehearsed band, strong, with a communicative frontman, the second “pirated” vocals from almost the whole group ware great as well. Wind Rose enjoyed their first appearance on Greek soil; the audience received the positive energy and sent it back, so I’m sure that the fans of this genre will give them the opportunity to grow even more!

And while the attendance increases as time passes, at 21:00 exactly, the Icelandic roller Skálmöld started leveling the Fuzz! This was for me the band – surprise of the evening after they managed to win me instantly with the awesome “Amon Amarth meets Grand Magus meets Bathory” style with several doses of Maiden-ish melody, epic mood and (I dare to say) a touch of Motörhead roughness.
Three guitars on stage (lead was exceptional), beautiful keyboards, sited alternating vocals: from (extremely) clean to sinister growls and manic screams, Skálmöld grabbed the audience by the hair and shook it constantly for about an hour, pillaging the scene of the Fuzz!

And who cares that nobody understood a single word from the exotic Icelandic lyrics in their songs? They shared the atmosphere and energy to the maximum, also the sound remained very good in their appearance, resulting in a perfectly worthy appearance. Hope to see them again soon! And while the set was being prepared feverishly for the show headliners Eluveitie, the crowd had almost filled the central space of Fuzz and 22:30 exactly the eight-fold (!) from Switzerland appears on stage and feels the apotheosis by the (mostly young ) audience. The central figure of course the charismatic frontman Chrigel Glanzmann, like Ian Anderson (Jetro Tull) in a Death Metal suit… owned the scene with those alternating majestic vocals, with all sorts of traditional and “strange” instrument (flutes, strings), creating an impressive, special show showing simultaneously what a skilled musician he is.

The whole band is composed by excellent musicians supporting perfectly each other, with most central figures being two young women, one on violin and one on vocals and … a portable lantern (or something like that anyway!) who managed to rouse the audience easily with their tremendous energy, the amazing stage presence and solid sound.

To be honest this “Folk – Melodic Death” style with a touch of … Evanescence on melodic female vocals, did not amaze me, but I must admit that it is very original, very thought out and very well organized, so rightly Eluveitie have won the affection of many fans. For 90 minutes (with encore) and with a great sound as an ally (which is not easy with so many organs and especially on stage), the Swiss gave it all, the audience responded whole – heartedly , so I’m sure that no one left unsatisfied the venue.

Overall a very nice evening with excellent organization, with three very true to their fans bands, each for their own reasons succeeded to impress. Of course Eluveitie as headliners gave something extra that to make this great concert special, but this is something rather easy for a special group such as them.