Genre: Folk Metal
Country: Switzerland
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2018

On February 15th 2008, Nuclear Blast Records delivered to the metal community a great album named “Slania” which later turned out to be a monolith. This album was the second full length of a then-unknown band, called Eluveitie who combined Scandinavian death metal with celtic melodies. The years following the release, the band got in touch with the mainstream metal community, headlined huge festivals and conquered big and small venues all over the world. Now, since 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of “Slania”, Nuclear Blast re-released the album, as a friendly reminder of how this album contributed to make Eluveitie huge, as well as how folk metal grew big, especially in the european metal legions.

“Slania” is still the best Eluveitie album up to date. It has everything, harmonically structured. Chrigel and Anna Murphy’s voice make a perfect combination which is still greatly missed even though the new Eluveitie female Fabienne Erni (she joined the band in 2016) is doing an amazing job. “Inis Mona”, which includes a flute solo instead of a guitar one, is one of the best songs of the past decade and “Calling The Rain” indicates exactly how Eluveitie sound. “Primordial Breath”, “Bloodstained Ground” and “Anagantios” are however extremely underrated, but the album as a whole is nothing but a pure, immaculate masterpiece. Happy birthday, Slania!