Genre: Death Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Independent
Year: 2014

Embalmed is band coming from the fiery depths of Greek underground scene. Even though the band was formed in 1999, due to various difficulties over time, Embalmed hadn’t released anything, except for a Demo entitled “Scattering The Ashes of War” in 2002. Finally, having overcome the countless obstacles, Embalmed managed to release their first full length album “Chaos Reborn: The Apofthegma Of Hate” twelve years later, in 2014.

“Chaos Reborn” is consisted of 9 tracks (8 +1 bonus) which flow through the veins of Bolt Thrower, earlier Behemoth, while Swedish Death Metal is vividly present in the composition as well (especially in tracks like “Storming The Aegean” were melody is the key). The record builds up to an utterly eerie atmosphere not only by the fast and heavy guitars or the furious drumming, but also by brutal, mighty vocals. The album has its ups and downs as far as the rhythms are concerned; there are both slow and fast sections, adding variety to the overall outcome. In addition, the use of various samples, recitations and even female vocals (as in “By Demons Thou Shalt Be Driven”) is a nice touch that boosts the quality of the record.

All things considered, “Chaos Reborn” is a well – crafted effort, with elaborate and balanced pieces. It’s flows easily, keeping your interest at high levels. Even though the record is heavy, it’s not tiring at all. Obviously the way the tracks are listed was carefully taken care of. Even though there are some weak spots here and there, concerning the guitar work (some solos and riffs need to be sharpened up) and the somehow weak production, it’s a decent work all devotees of the Death Metal underground should lay hands on.

“Chaos Reborn…” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Fotis Demertzis and Embalmed at MixStudios, Thessaloniki, Greece. Highlights: Hideous God, By Demons Thou Shalt Be Driven, Storming The Aegean.